Garden Update

The first year we lived in our little brick ranch house, I went a little crazy planting vegetables in pots. Then a bit of bush removal allowed me to plant a tiny late-season garden in the front yard, with mixed lettuce, zucchini, Roma tomatoes, and cantaloupe that grew about the size of my fist and then decided to quit.

Last year, Conservative Boy thwarted my front-yard gardening by planting grass over my vegetable patch, so I took my passion for vegetables down the street to Conservative Parents' backyard instead.

The site ended up being shadier than we realized, and it was a bad tomato year to boot. Still, it satisfied my garden cravings.

Then this year, I decided to heck with all the patchy grass C.B. planted in the front yard. I wanted my vegetable garden back. So I dug up all the grass while he was golfing and decided to load up my little patch.

There are a few bean and pea plants that I may have planted too late. Four tomato plants.

Two pepper plants.

An eggplant plant.

A smattering of marigolds and lettuces. Two little ever-bearing strawberry plants that have yielded a whopping two strawberries. Radishes.

Zucchini. And a cucumber plant that was supposed to be tiny and contained but instead is taking over every spare inch of space.

Not bad for a little last-minute front-yard garden, eh?


Rose Gold said...

Your garden is simple but organized! It looks nice! Just take care of your plants by organic fertilizers not of the chemical one. Good luck!

Crystal Rose said...

Tomatoes won't prosper with a little sunlight. Its best for tomatoes with direct sunlight. Same goes for eggplants, but it seems you had taken back your old garden and your veggies are growing well. Congratulations. Keep up the good work and soon you will enjoy the fruits of your labor.