Puggle Love

Meet Norah.

Norah is a puggle puppy who belongs to my dear friend, Mrs. M, and her hubby, Mr. M (who happens to be a stellar photographer). They all live in Milwaukee, which is where a group of my beautiful best friends from college descended recently for a girls' weekend.

In between eating way too much and hanging out by the pool and watching old episodes of Sex and the City and getting into a bit of trouble (more on that later), Norah commanded our attention.

How could she not? She runs hot laps to rival Butter's, knows tricks that you wouldn't believe, and generally makes people swoon when she gazes at them with her big eyes.

Is it any wonder that I was thisclose to scooping her up, tucking her into my purse, and bringing home a friend for Butter?

But I couldn't do that to my gracious hosts, so I will just have to make a return visit to Milwaukee to see her again soon.

(Or perhaps she can come to L-Town? And bring her parents with her? Hint hint ...)

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Mr. Puggle® said...

puggles rock. hang with the puggle posse sometime.