Canning: Tomatoes

Next up in the wild world of canning: Butter's Best of Show Tomatoes.

Yep, that's what I decided to call them, to go along with Julie's Jams and Conservative Boy's Delicious Dill Pickles.

(Ahem. But a note about the dill pickles: We broke into a jar on Sunday night at Conservative Family Dinner and ... well ... uh ... let's just say they were potent. I don't know if this was a failure on my part or if this just isn't the recipe for us, but I don't know that "delicious" is the word to describe them. So it may be back to the drawing board on that recipe.)

But I'm guessing that Butter's Best of Show Tomatoes are just fine. You can't go wrong with them, really. All I did was peel the tomatoes and can them in their own juice, so they're ready to use for any number of recipes when tomato season is long gone.

Try canning whole peeled tomatoes yourself with the recipe I used from Food In Jars.

Next up I'm looking for a good sauce recipe, as I use lots of red sauce for pasta and pizza and all sorts of other things.

And, you know, I'd gladly take your family-tested and approved recipe for pickles if you're willing to share. Just sayin'.

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