Pie In a Jar

When I stumbled across a blog post last week featuring pie in a jar, I was instantly smitten. You know how much I love pie. And you know how much I love trying new things. Hence, the obsession with pie in a jar.

Besides, can you think of a better way to procrastinate?

I didn't think so.

And so this weekend, I tried it out. I decided I would make going-away pie in a jar for our neighbors on one side, who are moving out to the country and leaving us to do our own lawn edging now. Sniff.

And I decided to make thank-you pie in a jar for T-Bear's dad, who graciously mowed our lawn while we were gone a couple of weeks ago. And a thinking-of-you pie in a jar for T-Bear's mom, who deserves some pie of that variety right now.

(On a side note, I haven't actually given T-Bear's parents their pie in a jar yet. Hopefully tonight. And now I have to, because now that this is in print, I can't change my mind and keep them for myself, no matter how bad I want to try baking one.)

So, as you can see from these photos, the process went relatively smoothly. Cramming the pie crust in the jar was a bit tricky, as I used taller jars rather than short, fat ones. And, naturally, my crust did not look nearly as lovely as the photos from the original post.

But all in all, not too shabby, eh?

I only made four blueberry-blackberry pies this time around, as that's what the recipe made and I had to limit my procrastination time. But I'd make these again.

Besides, I haven't even tried eating pie out of a jar myself yet.

(But don't feel sorry for me. I also made a full-size pie to share with Conservative Family, as they deserve thank-you and thinking-of-you pie too, so I'll get a piece of that this evening.)


Anonymous said...

The pie looks delicious...may I still have a piece on Tuesday instead of Monday?

Julie said...

I think we may have a few pieces left to share anytime you want one! Although you better get one tonight, as I have a feeling C.B. will eat any leftovers by tomorrow.