A New Pattern

During her summer in Georgia, Conservative Mom purchased a little surprise for me. Specifically, she found a Pyrex dish (for a steal) in a new pattern.

It's called "Butterprint," according to Pyrex Love. And I'm smitten with it.

I think I was meant to acquire a few more pieces in this pattern, because when I wandered through Mission Mart in L-Town last weekend I found not one but two more Butterprint dishes in near-perfect condition (for less than $2 each--no joke). One was a smaller version of the one C.M. purchased for me, which is shown above. The other was another small dish with the reverse pattern (blue on white), which is hiding in the background of the photo above.

Now, I've been meaning to talk to you all about this. Yes, you out there. Because I want to know: Who's going to remodel my kitchen for me so I have a place to display my growing collection?

Anyone? Hello out there? Hellooooo?

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