An Update

In case you were wondering ...

* I am turning in my thesis in 8 days. I am not allowing myself any more extensions. Then you better believe I will commence a happy dance to rival all happy dances.

* Because no sane person can work all day and write all evening and then write the entire weekend too, I'm hoping to find time to make these beauties and to try this at some point this weekend.

* I also am going to attend this concert at the Logan County Fair, which means of course that I am going to wear these.

* After traveling to California and then for work and then making my summerly stop in Georgia and then heading to Iowa for a wedding all in the span of 3 weeks, I am thrilled to be home for most of the next month.

* Another reason you haven't heard much from me lately: I started a new job July 1. I'm the Green Center Manager at Lincoln Land Community College. This week it has been particularly strenuous. I had to go to a farmer's market yesterday and was forced to buy peaches and blackberries and bread and soap and a cilantro plant. This afternoon I have to go on a farm tour and to another farmer's market. And I'm not allowed to work Fridays in the summer because the college is closed. Like I said, strenuous.

* If you are feeling neglected because of all of this traveling and working, you are not alone. You should see my backyard garden. It's a disaster. And my dog gives me pitiful faces too.

* I am pretty much recovered from the surgery I had in June. It took me much longer than expected, but finally this week I was able to start working out again. So glad I could wait until the heat index is 107 degrees to start jogging outside. But it's OK. Jogging at my top speed yesterday, I think I saw a tortoise pass me.

* Someday soon, I will golf. Maybe next summer.

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