Winter on Lake Michigan

When I mentioned my visit to Wisconsin for a service-learning workshop last week, I failed to share with you the snapshots I took on the first incredibly chilly day we were there, when I grabbed my camera and braved the cold to take a walk near the lake.

The thing that amazed me most is, sadly, something you can't see from the photo. It was the way the water undulated beneath big chunks of ice. I could hear the gentle lapping of the water but couldn't actually see any waves at first, and then all of a sudden I realized what looked like a mirage of sorts was actually the water slowly moving the chunks of ice up and down, up and down.

The next day, the waves told a different story, for it got colder and windier. Then the ice mounded up near the shore and the water crashed with ferocity against the temporary ice cliffs that formed. I braved the weather again that day to see how drastically the water had changed since my last visit, but left my camera behind tucked safely in my room.

That first day, before my fringers froze from snapping photos of the water, I also managed to capture a few other photographs.

One was of the labyrinth near the shore, which in nicer weather is a place for people to walk in peaceful meditation. The next day, the labyrinth was covered in snow, so we were lucky we got to see it before the weather changed.

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