A Close Look at Butter

When I look at my dear dog, I can't help but wonder what it is that makes him such a wonderful pooch.

What is it about him that compels people to ask what kind of dog he is, to comment on his appearance, to stop and wave at him when he sits in the front window?

It is his big, sweet puppy dog eyes?

Or the wet nose that he uses to nuzzle you when he's feeling particularly affectionate?

Perhaps it's his big puppy dog paws, that look almost as if he still has room to grow into them.

Is it his big, furry, floppy ears?

Or maybe it's the tail that gives a hint of the husky in him.

Then again it could be his soft mouth, dappled with whiskers.

Maybe it's all of these things together that make Butter who he is.

Then again, I think it's something more than just his appearance.

It's his gratitude for being rescued, the loyal way he follows us around the house and looks up at us adoringly whenever he gets the chance.

The way he playfully races around the living room and bounds through the snow in the backyard.

It's the way he so fearlessly guards our house from intruders (particularly of the postal service variety).

And it's how he lovingly cuddles up next to us on the couch in the evening and later hops up on the edge of the bed to say goodnight.

Whatever it is that makes Butter who he is, I'm grateful that he's around.

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