The Bathroom Remodel (Part 1)

You might call the bathroom in our basement partially finished.


It has beautiful wood paneling on the walls—the same paneling that graces some of the walls elsewhere in the basement.

And it has a sink and a toilet and a shower.

Well, if you call this a shower.

I can tell you I certainly haven't ever showered in it.

The bathroom floor is concrete. And the sink doesn't actually work anymore, because the faucet leaked so badly that we couldn't fix it and so had to disconnect it from the water.

(And by "we," I mean T-Bear, with Conservative Hubby's assistance.)

In other words, the bathroom in our basement leaves something to be desired.

And that's why, last weekend, T-Bear and Conservative Hubby and his long-time friend James K. decided it was time to do a little HGTV-style weekend remodel.

Well, HGTV-style with plenty of expletives and a couple of beers thrown in for good measure, that is. Perhaps that would count as HBO-style HGTV remodeling? I don't know ...

Regardless of what you call it, make sure you come back tomorrow to see how far the boys progressed last weekend.

Yes, that's right, I'm making you wait until tomorrow.

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