Lavender in Winter

This is the lavender that sits next to Butter in the front window.

This is the lavender that used to live outside in the planter in front of our house, until the weather turned cold and I placed it in a pot and moved it indoors.

I did the same thing last year with a number of herbs but, alas, they didn't last long.

This year, however, is different. This year my lavender is thriving, much more than it ever did outside in the summer. It keeps growing, stretching toward the sun outside the window. It's even flowering.

And oh, the smell, when I walk by and brush my hands across the lavender.

It's heaven. It makes me forget, for just a moment, that it's winter outside.

Of course, then I see what's sitting right on the other side of the glass and I am reminded of precisely what season it is.


chowchowgrl said...

I was zooming around the net just now, and your lovely photo and blog appeared. Thank you. I liked it. There's some lavender that grows every year where I work, and I think I'll try to overwinter a sprig next year just because of your post. The soft purpley silver next to the white in your photo looked so pretty, and your comments voiced what drifts through my head every day looking at my houseplants.

chowchowgrl said...

Oops, I meant to say "the soft green next to the white" because I now realize that my brain superimposed an image of the variety of lavender that I'm used to, which IS purpley silver. I can smell it in my brain, now, too, which is a nice.