Farmer's Market Finds (Georgia-Style)

I love going to farmer's markets in the places I visit. Although many of the staples are the same wherever you go, the specialties of each region and the unique personalities of the vendors make each market special and distinctive in its own way.

I've shared many a posts about the L-Town farmer's market (which, I must say, has grown considerably this year). Then there's the Dupont Circle farmer's market, which I often walk to when I'm visiting My Sister. And the fantastic (and HUGE) downtown Des Moines farmer's market. Laramie, Wyoming, has a nice downtown farmer's market too, although it wasn't open yet on this year's visit.

This morning, Conservative Mom and I stopped at the farmer's market in the Lake Oconee area. It's a lovely little market with all the booths arranged around the outside of a little square. There were plenty of Georgia peaches, of course. And all sorts of fresh veggies, including these curious creatures: pink eye peas.

And there were gorgeous cut flowers and plants that were so large and healthy I wanted to buy them all, even though that would be about the silliest thing I could do since I live in Illinois.

There was handmade soap and baked goods and pottery.

And these pickles, which are unlike any pickles I've had before. Sweet and spicy and crunchy and oh so good.

Plus, the other big find of the day, which I know I'll regret not buying more of: smoked salt. From what I hear, the moment this is sprinkled on tomatoes or corn or steak or about anything, I'll swoon.

I can't wait.

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