The First Tomato

Tomato season is woefully behind here. And, as much as Conservative Boy wishes to blame it on me, it isn't my fault. I swear.

It's the cooler, rainier Illinois summer that has slowed everyone's tomato plants down by as much as a month.

That's why we didn't get to taste the flavors of the first tomato (from my garden down the street) until right before I went to Georgia.

But perhaps the wait is worth it. It was deeelicious. Divine. There's nothing that compares to a warm tomato fresh off the vine.

Sadly, it could be a while yet before we have that experience again. The thirty-plus tomatoes I counted on the vines earlier this week are nowhere near turning pink, let alone full-on red.

But hey, at least there are tomatoes there to count. That's a start.

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