A Peek in the Containers

While I was busy snapping a few photos for my most recent Natural Home blog post, I thought I'd take a few extras to share with you. It has been a while since I've updated you on the front-yard garden progress, and I'm sure you've just been biting your nails in suspense.

Take a peek at the giant stone planter attached to our house right now and you'll see it has been taken over by more basil than I can keep up with (but I'm not complaining ... I loooove basil).

And thyme, which I apparently don't cook with often enough and have let go to flower. Oops. Pretty though, and still very fragrant.

Nearby in pots, you'll spot some Romas that are getting nice and red—which means I need to pick them and make some sauce. Perhaps tomorrow, after my lovely sister arrives and I get her situated nearby with a glass of wine.

My jalapeno plant is going bonkers, despite the fact that I have it rigged up off the ground with a piece of leash Butter chewed apart. That's really trashy of me to admit, but I haven't gotten around to figuring out where I put my string yet, so the leash is a temporary solution.

The cherry tomato plant is producing little red babies lickety-split, which is exciting considering that the big tomato plants in these here parts are stubborn as heck and not turning. But goodness gracious these cherry tomatoes aren't even cherry size. They're blueberry size. I think I'll call them blueberry tomatoes from now on, and thoroughly confuse anyone who tries one.

The heirloom tomato plants I rescued late in the season and planted in big buckets are looking nice and healthy too. They're finally flowering and showing signs of heirloom tomato love.

These babies, at least, have an excuse for being such late bloomers—but the other ones in the ground at my other garden? They should be ashamed of themselves.

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