Fried Pickles

I ate these yesterday for lunch.

They're fried pickles. And as strange as they sound, they're gooood. There's something about the little pieces of crunchy dill pickle and the light, tasty batter that surrounds them that hits the spot.

Especially with a beer.

Fried pickles and beer go together like tomato and basil. Like Conservative Boy and beef (both the meat and the fellow). Like Julie and Butter. Well, you get the picture.

These fried pickles are a specialty at The Yesterday Cafe in Greensboro, Georgia. It's also the place where you can get a slice of its famous buttermilk pie.

I gained 10 pounds at lunch yesterday because the fried pickles were followed by steak tips with rice (with macaroni and cheese and green beans as sides, plus a big heavy piece of their tasty corn bread) AND a slice of buttermilk pie. Seriously. Ten pounds.

And boy oh boy it was worth it.

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