Pyrex Newsflash

Shortly after I wrote the last post about my Pyrex obsession, I was wandering through the random assortment of secondhand stores and consignment shops in L-Town with My Sister, My Mom, and Auntie R. We were having a terrific time modeling random purses and scarves and purchasing treasures for bargain-basement prices.

And then My Mom and Auntie R, who are well aware of my Pyrex obsession, found these.

They're perfect—in the best condition of any Pyrex I own. I've been looking for a set like this since I began my Pyrex search, because then I can use the containers for leftovers and get rid of some of our nasty plastic storage containers.

When I saw what they were carrying toward the cash register (and learned the whole darn set cost $8), I did this.

And then Auntie R generously purchased the Pyrex dishes for me, and I gleefully sang about Pyrex all the way home.

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