A Wintertime Farmers Market


I miss the farmer's market.

It's winter, of course, and in winter the park downtown is quiet as can be on Saturday mornings.

The same can be said for downtown Des Moines and most other places that bustle with vendors and shoppers on warm-weather weekends.

That's why I was so excited at Christmastime to find out that the Dupont Circle farmer's market in DC runs year-round.

And it was bustling when I was there in December and again last weekend.

It satisfied my farmer's market craving at least for a couple of weeks.

And I took some photos too, in case you're having the same problem I am.

(Did you notice the random photos scattered throughout this post? OK. Good. Just checking.)


P.S. That last photo is soap. And it smells delicious. I kind of want to make soap now. Who's with me?


Nikki said...

I completely understand. I had this unbelievable craving last week for peach coffee cake that I make from the fresh Missouri peaches I get down here and I dearly missed the farmer's market. I also love handmade soaps and I'm scheming a trip to Le Claire, Iowa to replenish my supply.

Julie said...

Oh my. Peach coffee cake with fresh Missouri peaches sounds like heaven right now. If I come visit this summer, will you make me some?!

As for Le Claire soaps, I have not heard of them. But now I must try them.