The B-Word

No, silly. Not that b-word. See if you can guess which one I'm talking about.

Working. Teaching. Grading papers. Grading more papers. Meeting with students. Filling out progress reports. Working out (on rare occasions). Eating. Bathing (aren't you glad I fit that in?). Rubbing Butter's belly. Finishing my taxes (admittedly, with expert assistance). Filling out FAFSA. Turning in scholarship applications. Attending degree committee meetings. Getting my economics learn on. Getting my organizational communication learn on. Writing some more. Untangling Butter from trees. Seeing Conservative Boy in passing. Wishing our terrific new couch would get here. Wishing our new debit cards would get here too. Grading more papers. Working.

Now do you know what B-word I'm talking about?

If that totally bored you, maybe you will find this a bit more interesting? (Note that this occurred in the same week as all of the above.)

Encountering Air Force One up close and personal. Sprinting through O'Hare. Chilling at the Foreign Service Institute with approximately 92 future U.S. ambassadors (including everyone's favorite little diplomat ...). Eating. Drinking. Seeing my sister. Seeing some of my best friends. Taking exceptionally strange photos (with the aforementioned people) that will not be shared here. Newseum-ing. Eating delicious cupcakes. Eating pastries at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market. Moseying through O'Hare—and then contemplating whether another sprint would be better to work off all those cupcakes and pastries and drinks.

Breathless yet?

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