Making Pasta alla Marlboro Man

It's lunchtime here, which of course means I am thinking about dinnertime. That's the way it works in Julie's world.

Because The Pioneer Woman loves pasta and I'm a pasta fiend myself, I often bookmark her particularly tasty pasta recipes so I can try them. That's why, if you were around in January, you know I made Penne a la Betsy (named for The Pioneer Woman's sister). And that's why tonight I'm trying Pasta alla Marlboro Man.

Betsy was for me—shrimp and a sauce with white wine. But this recipe is for Conservative Boy all the way baby. Why? Because it's super easy and exceptionally meaty. And if C.B. had his way, every meal would be meaty. Or, dare I say, MEATY.

If Marlboro Man loves it, Conservative Boy must, right? Even though I'm the one in the house with the cowboy boots.

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