Easter Dinner (And a Surprise!)

I hope you’re not still stuffed from Easter dinner. If you are, you might want to go ahead and skip this post. Come back tomorrow, when you’re feeling like you can eat again. Or if you really ate too much, come back Wednesday. Whatever suits you.

For those of you who are still with me, you’re in for a treat (and a surprise!).

Every year that I’ve been in L-Town for Easter (yes, that means twice now) we have been invited to dine at Q & M.B.’s farmhouse. This, my friends, isn’t just dining. It’s an event of epic proportions. Really. This guy knows.

This year, rather than dinner, we gathered for Easter brunch. Of course, when M.B. is cooking, even brunch is a feast big enough to render you worthless for the rest of the day. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself.

As usual, every detail of the brunch—down to the tiny serving dishes for the salt and pepper and the lettuce leaves beneath each plate—was taken care of.

And the menu? Well, let's just say the menu speaks for itself.

Broccoli frittata

Fruit bowl

Asparagus salad with shallot vinaigrette

Apricot coffee cake

Plus cinnamon rolls, ham biscuits, roasted fingerling potatoes, and sausage (not shown—sorry, it's the only thing I skipped!)

Then, of course, there was dessert. "What?" you're asking. "Wasn't the cinnamon roll and apricot coffee cake dessert?" One would think. But need I remind you again where we were?

And so, after Easter brunch, we overindulged on:

Strawberry cream pie

Carrot cake

Chocolate coffee bombe (aka the exploding bomb, because shortly after this the cutting went awry and it really did flip over onto the tablecloth and Kid Sister's hand).

Speaking of hands ... this Easter brunch also included:

A ring!

Hello? Hello? Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you fall off your chair.

What? No, silly, that's not my hand! It belongs to Kid Sister! Yes, that's right. Talk about a terrific Easter: early Sunday morning (after he had driven all night to get home from the Masters), T-Bear hid Easter eggs for Kid Sister. Being the Easter lover that she is, Kid Sister excitedly hunted down the eggs and put together the puzzle hidden inside.

The puzzle said this: I Love You.

"I love you too," Kid Sister said, still not realizing something was amiss.

Then T-Bear pulled another egg from his pocket and dropped down to one knee.

I think you can figure out what happened next. Kid Sister was so ecstatic she forgot to say yes! (Don't worry, T-Bear reminded her.)

And then we all got to celebrate their engagement over that delicious Easter brunch you just witnessed above. Isn't that terrific?

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Anonymous said...

The food looks fabulous and so does the ring!