A Lunchtime Scene

If you happen to drive by our house around noon (or happen to be ... ahem ... squatting on the sidewalk taking flower photos on your lunch break), you'll likely spot these two characters headed down the driveway and around the neighborhood.

[Yes, this is as close as you will get to seeing C.B. on this blog until he gives me permission to do otherwise. Actually, shhh, don't tell, he didn't even give me permission to do this. He thought I was focusing on the tulips. I'm so sneaky.]

Most days, C.B. gladly takes Butter for a walk. And so off they go, one incredibly happy and hairy dog and a lawyer in his work clothes. He really does walk Butter in his suit—although soon it will get too warm and he’ll have to shed the jacket. Either way, it’s super special.

The neighbor girl (who they are about to pass in the above photo) says it makes her think she lives in Pleasantville. Except in Pleasantville, I don't think they throw f-bombs.

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Anonymous said...

What a handsome dog-walker!