Meet Cubbie.

Cubbie is one of Butter’s pals. He belongs to Kid Sister and her honey, T-Bear. (Yes, he has a name now. We picked it at Conservative Family dinner Sunday night after much deliberation. T-Bear was not there to approve it, but that’s just too bad. If it sticks, he’s stuck.)

Cubbie and Butter enjoyed some serious playtime at Kid Sister and T-Bear's when Conservative Boy and I went to Florida recently. Then last Friday, Cubbie came to play at our house while Kid Sister entertained.

A good time was had by all. (Well, C.B. might tell you a different story, because he was stuck watching the dogs alone most of the night. But deep down, I know he enjoyed it.)

These two sure did.

Between trips to the bathroom for big gulps from the water bowl (no, not the toilet, the real water bowl), they played hard in our living room.

Do not be alarmed by these images.

No dogs were harmed in the making of this photo series.

The only damage was sustained by my floors, which were covered by double the amount of drool they usually endure.

Flying dogs. Oh how I love flying dogs. They're great.

I know Butter looks like he's losing here. But he really held his ground. Promise.

Imagine there's a lot of pseudo-angry growling and barking to accompany this. But remember: They're both big softies.

Now we pause for a moment to let the dogs catch their breath. Please note how different these two are.

Also, please note how Cubbie plops down on the floor. Is he a dog or a frog? The world may never know.

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Anonymous said...

Cubbie may have a little frog in him, he also is part pig but most of all he is just a bundle of boxer joy :)