Being a Crazy Flower Lady

Conservative Boy thinks I'm crazy. I think he's beginning to really, truly fear for my sanity. And can you blame him?

Before we moved here he never in a million years imagined that I'd regularly squat on the sidewalk in the front yard taking photos of flowers. Flowers that aren't even blooming yet.

He never expected that I'd freak out when he joked about tossing grass seed all over my front-yard vegetable garden. (Yes, I did. Doesn't he know my garden is off-limits if he ever wants a BLT again?)

And he certainly didn't expect I'd be as crazy about dogs as certain other members of Conservative Family (OK, all of them) are. Hah. Too bad for you, C.B. You're stuck with me.

When I went out to take the photo of the tulip you spotted above, he asked if I was going to start naming my flowers too.

And you know what I said?

I already did.

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