Shockin' Folks

I am feeling rather mischievous this lovely Saturday morning, as I sit here in my PJs and contemplate a long weekend of paper writing and portfolio grading. And so to give into my urge to cause some trouble, I am thinking of buying one of these to take to the grocery store here in L-Town, just for the shock value.

A year into life in L-Town, people are used to my reusable shopping bags, so I think it might be time to mix things up.

What do you think? Will I get folks riled up at the good ol' IGA? Muahahaha. (That's my evil liberal laugh, in case you were wondering.)

Come on people, go buy one. The funds support the DNC. I'm sure that will convince you.

Enjoy the weekend!


Jason said...

As much as I love telling you how wrong you are, rest assured that this is for your own good.


That's right, over 5000 of your fellow Logan County citizens voted for Barry and Joe, something like 40%. He actually won the county in the 2004 US Senate race. Dick Durbin won the county with 54% this year, though that can be fairly readily attributed to incumbent advantage, since this Aaron Schock chap I heard about from CB smoked his Democratic opponent with 67% of the vote.

What does all of this mean? Well, for one, there are definitely those who voted for Obama and Schock on the same ballot. There were also those who voted for McCain and Durbin at the same time.

The truth is, as much as I wish it were otherwise, small town folks aren't nearly as uniformly conservative as you seem to think. Hell, they're probably actually more likely to vote for candidates from different parties on the same ballot as supposedly enlightened "I look at every candidate and weigh their positions (but ultimately vote straight-ticket Democrat)" big city types. Someone could probably write a Poli Sci dissertation on it; I'm just playing with numbers and speculating wildly. M

My point is, the whole "I'm the only liberal here!" thing is wearing a bit thin. Fish out of water, sure, to some extent, but just don't get all condescending about it.

Julie said...

You are certainly right, Mr. Chops. In fact, I just had a brief discussion on this very topic with Conservative Dad last night. Part of the reason I write such random posts is for the exact reason we had that discussion and you wrote in response: just because it gets people talking.

And, in fact, I am well aware that small town folks tend to vote much more for the candidate than the ticket. I voted for some Republicans this time around and always have, if you must know.

Mostly, I am just playing around because I seem to have (strangely) developed two very distinct followings with this blog: liberal types who are my friends from college and family members, and conservative types who live in L-town, are my family members (yes, I have many family members and plenty of each sort), or who are good folks like you who are trying to keep me in line.

Both sides have actually taken to calling "Conservative Boy" such and harassing me about politics. So pardon my silliness, but I enjoy pandering to them on occasion.

In fact, I know I am certainly not the only liberal here, as I have met a number of others and the Obama signs nearly outnumbered the McCain ones in a few parts of town.

But that's not nearly as interesting as writing about things like the fact that Butter peed on McCain signs. Politics is serious business, but I like to keep things light here.

Jason said...

Very good, just making sure you weren't actually mistaken.