Fighting the Urge to Make More Cookies

Is it possible to turn into a sugar cookie? To wake up one morning and discover your fingers are covered in frosting and you are wearing sprinkles? If so, I'm afraid I may meet such a fate very soon.

That's because the number of Christmas cookies Conservative Boy and I have consumed this week is slightly startling. I was overwhelmed by the piles of cookies we had left after we delivered holiday goodies to friends and family in L-Town, but somehow that overwhelming number of cookies is almost gone. Oops. Funny how that happens.

Now I have to admit I'm growing a bit concerned for our health and our waistlines. (Although, let's be honest here, that probably won't stop either of us from consuming the rest of the sugar cookies when I bring them out of the freezer to frost later tonight.)

So I am trying my darndest not to give in and make these delicious-looking chocolate candy cane cookies I stumbled across in my blog reading today. Can someone please make them and share them with me so I don't spend all my free time for the next couple of days in the kitchen making cookies I shouldn't be eating? Please and thank you.

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