Saying No to Strays

Please forgive me for the random, wacky flavor of my posts recently. Prepare for that tune to continue for the next couple of weeks. That's what happens when it's Christmastime (I love the holidays) and when I have a ridiculous amount of grading and paper-writing to do (so of course I don't want to do any). And when the teaching and the taking of classes is done? Then you really should watch out, because all hell could break loose over here. (OK. Not really. I'll probably just sleep, cook, and clean. But it sounds like fun, right?)

The random topic of today's post is stray pets.

You see, for some strange reason Conservative Boy regularly checks out the Adopt a Pet link on the Lincoln Daily News website. It showcases pictures of pets that have been taken to or found by Logan County Animal Control, which is where this sweet fellow came from:

(Don't look so puzzled, Butter. You remember that place!)

So anyway. We had great luck rescuing a dog from animal control. But why Conservative Boy continues to look at the doggies listed I haven't figured out yet. And I also haven't figured out yet why he would even think about coming home and telling me I should look at the Adopt a Pet page. Doesn't he know by now that I have turned into a crazy dog lover? And when crazy dog lovers are around there's no telling what they will do?

One day he came home and told me there was a bulldog on there. A bulldog! I love bulldogs, so of course I was thisclose to going and picking him up. I said if he was still there the next day, I would. But, fortunately, the next day he was gone. Whew.

Then yesterday Conservative Boy came home yet again and told me to look at the Adopt a Pet page because Butter's girlfriend was on there. Sure enough. Hello, adorable yellow lab named Summer. I love you and want to bring you home. Except I got even more distracted by the puppies shown above her ... the ones that said "urgent" in red letters under their names. Now, I don't know much, but I have an inkling this isn't a good sign. (Also, Conservative Boy confirmed the fact. And he would not distress me so if it wasn't true.)

You have no idea how much restraint it is taking for me not to go and rescue all three of them. And the really adorable beagle/lab mix while I'm at it, who is not urgent yet and hopefully never will be.

Please somebody go save these dogs! Because I don't know if we have room for another big dog here yet. At least not until we have a fenced-in backyard. (Because putting a doggie on a chain that's frozen to the back step is quite challenging, I discovered the other night.)

So, like I said, go rescue them! Pleeeeeaaaaasssssse.

And then when we do have a fenced-in backyard? Somebody might want to block the Adopt a Pet link from my computers, or we'll have a doggie zoo.

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