Holiday Baking

One of my favorite parts about the holidays is, of course, all the wonderful treats I get to eat. And share with others. This weekend I was in baking mode, whipping up a whole slew of cookies and other Christmas treats to share with friends and neighbors.

Although I absolutely love trying new recipes (oh, you noticed?), when it comes to Christmas baking I always always always fall back on the old standbys. There's something about those holiday cookies that have been around since childhood. Maybe it's the traditions that have gone into every year's cookie decorating adventure, maybe it's the fact that for some reason the sugar cookie recipe each person grew up with always seems to be the best. Whatever it is, when it comes to Christmas baking I don't leave things up to chance. I go with what I know and love, and hope that whoever I share the baked treats with will feel the same.

This year, I attempted to document my holiday baking to share with you (although, of course, I got distracted and missed photographing a few steps). So, each day this week you can look forward to another recipe direct from My Family's holiday baking archives. (My Mom was making the same recipes this weekend too, only in Wyoming rather than Illinois. It's tradition, I tell ya.)

Enjoy! And happy holiday baking to you.

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