Christmas in Washington D.C.

Greetings from the nation's capitol!

I'm here in Washington D.C. celebrating Christmas with My Parents and My Sister, who now calls this great city home.

We've had a quiet couple of days but are about to embark on an adventure, which you will most assuredly hear about later. Before we do, however, as promised, I wanted to share the beginnings of our gastronomic adventures.

It all began on Christmas Eve when, as is a family tradition, we enjoy a big pot of seafood chowder. It's a simple meal that's incredibly delicious (and was made even more so this year by the addition of some wonderful pesto rolls rolls—mmmm). See for yourself:

Then, Christmas morning, another tradition:

It's our holiday breakfast bread (basically, a beautifully braided cinnamon roll) ... the perfect treat after we take a peek at what Santa left us in our stockings.

Then, later, after a relaxing morning reading (that's what we do in our family ... go ahead, call us dorks), we enjoyed Christmas dinner.

Beautiful asparagus.

Amazing mashed potatoes with kale and garlic (try them yourself, thanks to 101 Cookbooks).

And one heckuva pork loin.

It sure is wonderful having a cooking pro for a little sister.

I hope your Christmas was just as delicious!

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