Paddle Boarding

Shortly after My Parents moved to Georgia, the girls in his life purchased My Dad an inflatable paddle board as a gift. It's a pretty darn cool contraption, because not only does it work as a paddle board, it also has seats that can be attached to it so it can be used as a kayak.

It gets plenty of use in both configurations on the lake. When I spent some time at the lake in January, I took the kayak out for a brief spin, but the weather wasn't really the best for spending much time out on the water.

So this trip, I'm excited to report that I finally paddle boarded for the first time.

It was only a quick spin to the end of the cove and back. But now that I have the feel of the board under me, I'm ready to go every day. I need to practice up so I can impress My Sister with my mad paddle boarding skills when she gets here in a few days.

I'm also looking forward to getting Conservative Hubby out on it, as I think he'll really enjoy it, too.

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