CSA Fixings

I am woefully behind on posting about food, which I'm sure has you all in a lather.

Just calm down already.

Here is the first of a few snapshots of what I've made with some of my weekly CSA loot. This ought to satisfy you for a while, right?

This is beet barley salad with feta.

I've never known what to do with beets, except hand them off to a Lithuanian woman in our office who takes them home to make a creamy, cold beet soup.

I intended to use the beets this year to make baby food, but I have something I can't bear to keep to myself anymore. So I'll fess up: So far, beets are the one food I have skipped exposing the little man to.

For one very important reason.

I do not want to clean up beet stains from our carpet, our couch, our clothes. And if you feed The Spit-Up King beets, you will be cleaning up beet stains. Lots of them.

So instead I decided to try out the beet barley salad with feta. And it was a pretty darn tasty combination.

I would've made it again, except I ran out of time and ended up handing off the rest of my beets to my coworker again. Someone needs to enjoy them if I don't have time to use them!

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