Little Man's First Hair Cut

Last weekend, Little Man took a trip downtown with me for a big event: His first hair cut.

His locks weren't ridiculously unruly or overtaking his head, because he happens to be (cursed? blessed? I'm not sure) with very fine hair like mine. But his hair was getting long enough to hang over his ears and look a little ragged in the back, so we decided it was time for a bit of a trim.

Fortunately, Conservative Mom (who I almost called Conservative Grandmom just now because I've gotten so used to referring to her as Grandmom the last 8 months) was there to help keep little wiggle worm in place so I could snap some photos (that's her arm you keep seeing).

As you can see, Little Man thought the hair cut was a lot of fun, though he was a bit puzzled by what was going on behind his head and kept trying to look.

He handled getting shots and getting his hair cut so well, I can only hope he handles future procedures—like his first dentist appointment or whatever else may come up—as well.

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