Spotting a Lighthouse

The weather in Central Illinois is finally taking a turn toward fall.

Fall may be my favorite season. I love the sunny days and cool evenings and colorful hues. I love the smell of the fall air.

Fall is football and sweatshirts and a slower pace than the busy summer that just passed.

I could do without the shorter days and the fact that winter follows on fall's tail, but in general I embrace the seasonal changes autumn brings.

Today's weather reminds me of the temps I experienced on my weekend adventure to Minnesota a few weeks ago. It's almost the exact weather in which I said my farewell to the North Shore, with a stop for a glimpse of the Two Harbors Lighthouse.

If you look really hard, you can see it perched on the cliff in the photo below. It seemed much closer when I wasn't looking through the lens of my digital camera. But even if you can't see much of the lighouse, at least the scenery around it is striking.

And here it is again, just in case you don't believe me that there really was a lighthouse perched on a cliff.

Sayonara, reminiscences about Minnesota.

Next up: applesauce and Chicago, in no particular order.

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