Pumpkin Pancakes

The perfect fall Sunday involves brunch. Specifically bacon, eggs, and pumpkin pancakes.

Yes, pumpkin pancakes.

Conservative Hubby found the recipe in a recent issue of Men's Health and decided we had to try it. He really had to twist my arm.

The pancakes were good. Kind of like eating pumpkin pie for breakfast. In other words, they were sweet and rich and heavenly and pumpkin-y.

I recommend you try them next weekend. Or tomorrow night. Breakfast for dinner anyone?

And if you're really in the fall spirit, serve your pumpkin pancakes with apple cider. I highly recommend that.

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Liz said...

I really wanted pumpkin pancakes after reading this, but had to settle for apple cinnamon. Delicious, yet I feel cheated. Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure, I used making them as a way to procrastinate on studying, so they were made and consumed around 11 p.m. Old (bad) habits die hard. :)