Scenes from the City

I am a slacker. I haven't even shared my Chicago photos with you yet, and it's been weeks since we were there. How very bad of me.

Then again, I'm pretty sure you've seen similar photos before on my previous excursions to the big city. But the views from the condo where we stayed are so gorgeous, I figure you can endure a few more snapshots.

Particularly since the weather was lovely while we were.

I didn't just stay inside taking photos the whole weekend, though. I made Conservative Hubby get up close and personal with the bean in Millennium Park. (Which, by the way, he said made him dizzy. Sissy.)

The next day, I met one of my lovely friends for coffee and another mosey around Millennium Park and down Michigan Avenue. While watching this face spit water, we are pretty sure we spotted Dwight from The Office. Like, very sure. But we played it cool. That's what we do.

(And no, that's not him in the green coat. Don't be silly.)

Of course there was a Cubs game involved, too. A very chilly Cubs game, but one with a great view. Sadly, the Cards won. But we won't dwell on that.

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