Pretty Little Flowers

The last couple of weeks, I have been grocery shopping on Monday or Tuesday nights. And I've hit the jackpot each time I pass the flowers: Buckets full of seriously clearanced buds that still look beautiful. The other day, I snagged three bouquets of various sizes for $2. No joke.

And so I have been scattering little vases of fresh flowers around our house.

Only this week, I shopped on Saturday. And I wasn't about to spend $7 a bouquet for the sale flowers, so I went home empty-handed.

But then I realized that was just plain silly, because I have my own zinnias to cut.

In the backyard, two transplants (one pink and one yellow).

And in the planter out front, a few zinnias I planted from seed are finally blooming, with the most lovely petite blossoms.

This has led me to believe that I should include more flowers in next year's garden.

Because there's something so wonderful about a little bouquet of colorful blossoms you've grown yourself—blossoms that have not been drenched in pesticides or shipped from who knows where—sitting on the kitchen table.

Don't you agree?

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