The North Shore

Last weekend, I ditched Conservative Boy and Butter and headed north to Minnesota for a whirlwind (yet strangely relaxing) trip to the North Shore of Lake Superior for a wonderful wedding.

My friend Cara (formerly known as the Failed Feminist), whose craftiness I've mentioned numerous times here, got hitched to her honey (and a fellow Drake alum) at a gorgeous resort on the shore of Lake Superior in Lutsen, Minnesota.

So I hopped a flight to Minneapolis, snagged a hot red Dodge Charger for a rental car, picked up my lovely friend Schleppy (aka Rachel in Brooklyn), and cruised the four and a half hours to Lutsen.

Along the way, we stopped for delicious burgers (of the traditional and wild rice variety) at Fitger's, a brewery in Duluth. Then we made another stop for pie ... but that, naturally, deserves its own post.

And then we were there, in a location that was so much more beautiful than I could have pictured.

So, naturally, Schleppy and I did some exploring. And played checkers and sipped tea like the 80 years olds we need to be on occasion. And watched the sun set over Lake Superior.

And slept to the sound of waves lapping the shore in our lovely little room.

Saturday morning dawned with the most gorgeous weather you could imagine. It was warmer than expected (perfect fall temps, if you ask me) and sunny, with a blue sky this writer won't even bother to describe.

And so Schleppy and I found time for a leisurely breakfast, massages, yoga on the dock, and a short hike before we got ready for the wedding.

And I'm pretty sure I said, at least 30 times, that the North Shore was amazing.


rachel said...

it was SO lovely. can we go back? (btw, ivy's brother is a cop in Two Harbors and his wife is the only female cop there. crazy, right??)

Andrew Slade said...

So glad you enjoyed our lovely North Shore. It's sort of a DIY adventure, with all the hiking and adventuring you can do!