Kid Sister and T-Bear's Wedding

It's official.

On Saturday, Kid Sister and T-Bear tied the knot.

You've been with them through it all (well ... sort of). From when T-Bear first received his name to when he popped the question.

So it's only fitting that you should also be there for the big day. However, this is difficult, given an unreliable digital camera and the fact that I try not to post photos of unsuspecting victims on the blog.

Instead, I will give you a little rundown of the excitement, with a few glimpses of the action thrown in along the way.

The weekend extravaganza began on Thursday evening, with a most delicious dinner at Q and MB's for immediate family and out of town guests (including My Parents).

Friday, we did the requisite rehearsing and enjoyed a rehearsal dinner unlike any other at The Villa. (You should have seen how big the out-of-towners' eyes got when they saw the size of the prime rib.)

Saturday was, of course, the big day. For the ladies it began at 9:30 with hair and makeup. For the first time, I tried airbrushed makeup along with the rest of the girls. It was a quick and easy process, and I was told it made you look pretty darn good in photos. Who doesn't want that?

Then it was off to the church where we got ready, relaxed, and took photos.

I'd like to interrupt this play-by-play, by the way, to say that Kid Sister was a most beautiful bride. Her hair was perfect, her makeup was perfect, she looked absolutely stunning in her dress, and of course she was glowing because it was the day she had been waiting for since T-Bear got down on one knee with an Easter egg more than a year ago. And T-Bear, too, looked incredibly handsome and incredibly happy.

Then it was time for the ceremony. But this wasn't just any church wedding ceremony. It was special for a number of reasons.

For one thing, Conservative Hubby played the saxophone while his sister and father walked down the aisle. He did a swell job and everyone was duly impressed.

Then, to lighten the mood, the best man gave each groomsman a button with a picture of this handsome fellow to wear on their suit coats, since he couldn't be there in real life. (Although the best man did contemplate actually bringing Cubbie to the festivities, he decided against it.)

That really lightened the mood, to say the least. For a while I thought we might not stop laughing long enough for the happy couple to say their vows, but eventually they got around to the important part of the ceremony.

Afterward, the bridal party hopped in the bus for a cocktail and a few more outdoor photos before heading to the ceremony, just in time for our grand entrance.

The reception venue was beeaauuutiful, all pink and silver and white lights.

And the reception? Well, if you want to know about the reception, just know this: We're all still recovering.

From eating too much wonderful food. From laughing and crying and laughing some more. From dancing way too much.

(Just to tease you and give you a glimpse of the gorgeous bride, here's a photo of the father-daughter dance, carefully chosen because it does not show their faces and so does not break my blog rule ... much.)

And now Kid Sister and T-Bear are living happily ever after.

Saxophone photo via Flickr: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton

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Kid Sister said...

What a wonderful post! Thanks so much Julie!!! It was an amazing day!