Farmer's Market (x2)

Finally I had a quiet Saturday at home. A quiet Saturday without homework or wedding festivities or any obligations. And so finally I made it to the farmer's market.

Only it wasn't just one farmer's market. It was two.

You see, last year an incident occurred at the L-Town farmer's market. Big drama in a small town. And so the farmer's market split into two.

Now, there are a handful of vendors still setting up shop at Latham Park, where the farmer's market has long been held. But there's another group that now hosts a farmer's market in Scully Park.

The two parks are only a few blocks apart—on opposite sides of the square. But it's a wacky situation considering the original farmer's market wasn't all that big in the first place.

And of course I have to go to both, because my favorite vendors are split between the two markets.

So yesterday I got some beautiful produce—asparagus, rhubarb, sugar snap peas, strawberries, garlic, more strawberries, broccoli—at the new Scully Park market.

But the sweet woman who sells her breads is at Latham Park, so I stopped there for a bag of her to-die-for granola and a caramel pecan breakfast bread. (I had to do something to offset all the healthful fare I purchased at the other location.)

Alas, after this weekend the madness begins again and I just realized I may not make it to a single Saturday morning farmer's market in June. How sad is that?

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