Opening Boxes

Between Christmas, a certain conservative fellow's birthday, and getting hitched, we've had an occasional box arriving at our front door in the past month.

This gets Butter worked up every time.

First, of course, there's the UPS delivery man who, nice as he may be, is still an intruder in Butter's eyes.

Then, once the big brown truck drives off, there's the big brown boxes that have been left behind.

What's this? Butter asks, sniffing tentatively.

He'll pace around as I cut into the box and dig out whatever treasure is hiding inside.

Sometimes he'll sniff at the gift, but usually he's more interested in the packaging that came along with it. Most days it's lots of crumpled up brown paper. But one day, he discovered the wonder of packing peanuts.

And tried to eat one.

Fortunately, he didn't find it too tasty, and instead promptly began staring at his treat cupboard. Clever fellow.

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