Mel-O-Cream Donuts

At dinner on Saturday night, somehow the subject of donuts came up, and I admitted that I had never had a Mel-O-Cream donut. (Mel-O-Cream is the donut shop in L-Town.)

At the exact same instant, with the same horrified tone, Conservative Boy and T-Bear both exclaimed, "What?!"

I realized I was in big trouble.

"Are their donuts really good?" I asked innocently, but before I even got the words out both Conservative Boy and T-Bear said again, in unison, in that horrified tone, "Wow."

And I realized I had the answer to my question.

So on Sunday morning, Conservative Boy took me to Mel-O-Cream. We picked up a half dozen donuts and two coffees, because I also learned on Saturday evening that Mel-O-Cream coffee is pretty darn good.

We opted for two glazed donuts (my favorite), one glazed cinnamon twist, a caramel long john, a white-frosted long john with sprinkles, and one frosted cake donut with sprinkles.

(I was overwhelmed by the choices and after picking a glazed donut could not decide, so C.B. took over and promptly ordered the rest. He informed me I was taking too long, although I was only paralyzed by the options for about 20 seconds.)

Within an hour of our trip, only the cake donut and half of a long john remained. In other words, Mel-O-Cream donuts are as good as Conservative Boy and T-Bear's simultaneous exclamations led me to believe they are.

They're dangerous. Very dangerous.

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