Gettin' Crafty (Sort Of)

I am not the craftiest person in the world.

I like to pretend I am, and fill my head with notions of the wonderful DIY projects I'm going to tackle. But the reality is, I'm limited in my skills.

That's why I have a crocheted scarf that has been half-finished for longer than I dated Conservative Boy (in fact, now that I think about it, I believe I started it almost exactly 7 years ago).

And I have another knitted scarf that's not even half-finished, which I carried with me to evenings spent crafting with friends in Des Moines who actually were crafty. (I would part-pretend to work on it just to hang out with them and see their creations.)

And now I even have a sewing machine, which I have yet to use. (But I will, I promise, if for no other reason than to prove Conservative Boy wrong.)

Still, the other day when I saw a blog post about upcycled sweater boots, I got the DIY itch. BAD. I decided I had to make them.

And why not? I had all the supplies—namely, a hot glue gun, a pair of scissors, an old sweater that was destined for the second-hand store, and old worn-out ballet flats (which I'm still devastated about having to retire).

So I assembled my armful of supplies in the crafting/sewing/laundry room (a new moniker I just gave it about two seconds ago) and set to work, using the instructions from Craftster.

And boy oh boy did I pick an easy craft project. We're talking super easy. We're talking done in minutes, no curse words easy.

Mine, of course, aren't nearly as cute as the ones in the instructions, which boast buttons and embroidered embellishments. But I figured with colorful stripes, I didn't need any other bling.

Now, any guesses what Conservative Boy thought when he walked into the laundry room and saw me hot-gluing a striped sweater arm to the soles of my ballet flats?

What's that?

Wow, you're good. How'd you know?

He was shocked and befuddled and a bit disgusted and ran upstairs before my craziness could wear off on him.

His loss, because he missed out on the finished product ...

and the ensuing fashion show.

So sweet.

(Postscript: Conservative Boy just discovered the sleeveless sweater sitting in my office and got incredibly excited. And I quote: "Dude, a cutoff sweater. That's awesome." I'm glad at least one part of my project pleased him.)


Jason said...

If you need any pointers on the sewing machine (from someone who hasn't been using one for so long that they'll think you're an idiot when you have the tension all wrong and the machine vomits thread), I might know a guy. Or you could just look on the internets like I did.

Julie said...

Well, I tried sewing for a summer in junior high. I even made a dress. But after I wore it once I decided I hated it (granted, I wasn't a big fan of dresses then anyway) and never sewed again.

I'm hoping my mom will give me a lesson next time she's in town (she taught me the last time around, and I like to think I'd be a better student now). Otherwise, I may have to pick your brain.

I live around a few pros, but I don't think they'll have the patience for my clumsiness.