Dreaming of Warmth

It's downright frigid in central Illinois (and across all of the Midwest) these days.

That's why, because I was there less than a week ago, I'm spending my morning dreaming of Florida.

I'm picturing myself back on warm sandy beaches. Lounging with a good book.

Walking on the beach spotting dolphins playing in the surf. Contemplating getting in the ocean and then changing my mind because the water is too darn cold.

Or I'm imagining hanging out by the lovely little pool at the condo where we stayed, just blocks from the beach. Doesn't it remind you of a shape from Tetris?

But then I hear that frost is threatening crops in some parts of Florida this week too, so maybe it's not the time to lounge on the beach there anyway.

I guess I'll settle for a big sweater, a mug of hot chocolate, and gazing out at the lovely snow-covered front yard. Brrr.

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