Oh So Sweet Scones



What is this?

It's starting to look good, isn't it?

Oh wow, now things are really taking shape.

Meet my scones.

Delightfully tasty scones, studded with dried cranberries. The sort of scones that have some weight when you pick them up yet manage to be light and just a little bit sweet and almost-melt-in-your mouth good.

I made a batch of these dreamy cream scones—a la Smitten Kitchen—last week. Just because I hadn't ever made scones before. Just because I wanted to give them a whirl.

I loved them. I ate most of them rather quickly.

Not because I was being a pig.

No, really, I promise.

But because scones are best fresh (or relatively fresh) and so they needed to be consumed quickly.

Conservative Boy ate a few too. He first tried one out as dessert the day I made them, and so his first reaction was that they weren't sweet enough. "They need frosting," he insisted.

Frosting? On a scone? Ack! That would ruin the loveliness of a scone, best served with coffee or tea, best eaten when you have time to linger and pick up every last crumb from your plate.

This I tried to explain to him, on multiple occasions when we were both poised over the container of scones.

But there are two things you should know about Conservative Boy. One is that he most definitely inherited his father's sweet tooth. The other is that he is exceptionally stubborn.

In other words, he still insists they should be eaten with frosting.

And I still disagree.

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