A Summer Feast

I was perusing a random assortment of photographs from this summer, looking for a tasty little tidbit or two to post for you today, when I came across something I should have shared long ago. It's not a tasty tidbit, mind you. Rather, it's a big, beautiful, M.B.-style feast.

The weekend My Family came to visit, Q and M.B. graciously hosted My Family, Conservative Family, and some additional friends at their farm. The majority of us arrived in style in one giant RV, which we tumbled out of like we were in a clown car.

Between glasses of wine and to-die-for appetizers, we took turns riding in the Gator with Q for visits to their newly installed wind turbine on one side of the house and the destruction caused by an August tornado on the other.

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one evening, M.B., of course, prepared a feast of epic proportions. That is what I am about to share with you now. Prepare to drool, for we enjoyed:

Tasty little dishes of peppers.

A most beautiful salad.

Baked beans.

Potato salad.
Baked cheese grits.

Wait a moment. I must dwell on these grits for a moment. They were heavenly—and up until this point, I've never been very impressed with grits. But these beautiful babies—cheesy, flavorful, firm (not soggy). These babies I could eat by the spoonful.

Oh wait. I did.

Petite corn muffins.

An ribs. Beautiful ribs. Flavorful ribs. Fall off the bone the moment you touch them ribs. Ribs that eventually were mounded high on this plate, only I got too excited and didn't wait for M.B. to finish dishing before I took a photo. Can you blame me?

I won't even mention what came afterward for dessert. And by dessert I mean not one, not two, but three desserts.

I was too satiated to snap a photo—and trust me when I say that to describe them without sharing a bite is considered cruel and unusual punishment in at least 300 countries.

So I will spare you. I promise I'm doing you a favor here.


Jason said...

To be cruel and unusual in 300 countries is impressive, given that there are only roughly 200 nations on this planet, which must mean that the cruelty is recognized even in space.

Julie said...

Good catch. This simply underscores just how cruel and unusual it is, as the Earth-like planet in a nearby solar system also recognizes this form of punishment as being inhumane.