A New Vacuum

First, I would like to take the opportunity to wish My Mom a happy birthday. Yes, my lovely mother gave birth to me the day before her own birthday. Talk about generous.

Happy birthday, Mom! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Second, I would like to discuss a topic that has very little to do with My Mom's birthday, although I'm sure she gets great enjoyment learning about it on her special day.

This topic is vacuums.

You see, when we moved into our house, Conservative Parents were kind enough to buy us a vacuum. It has been a very good vacuum the past two years, but as is apt to happen when you live with an exceptionally hairy creature (no, I don't mean Conservative Boy, although he's rather hairy too), even a good vacuum stops being effective after a while.

That's what happened to ours, a fact I realized every time I flopped down on the floor with Butter or stretched out in downward dog. There was so much hair on the carpet, even if I just finished vacuuming (and emptied the canister twice), it looked like I hadn't done a thing.

So I did some researching and bought a new vacuum, one that got good reviews and was relatively reasonably priced.

It's the Eureka Boss SmartVac Pet Lover. (Please say that five times fast.)

This vacuum has two very important features: a sealed HEPA filtration system, which is key for someone who is allergic to her favorite doggy, and special attachments made specifically for cleaning up pet hair, like the copious amounts of white hair that belong to you-know-who.

It's big, it's powerful, and so far it is doing 100 percent better than our old vacuum. (Oh, and it's bright yellow. Always a nice perk.) Even Conservative Boy loves it, so much that he did all the vacuuming last week (twice) and even vacuumed the couches. (Be impressed. I am.)

Of course, Butter is a fan too, if by fan you mean he loves chasing it around and barking at it as much as he liked attacking the last vacuum-shaped monster. That's what you're seeing in the photos above, in case you weren't sure.

I know sometimes it's hard to tell what's going on in our world.


Kevin said...

Okay, had to comment on this one too....there's more to a vacuum's ability to suck than emptying the bin. Did you make sure there were no clogs and that the filter was clean? I had a vacuum that I nearly threw away because it just didn't seem to pick up stuff like it used to. After cleaning out the filter, it was good as new. I still want to get a new vacuum though. I'd like to think that, like C.B., I'll be more motivated to use it.

Julie said...

Oh yes, we (and by that I mean "I") definitely made sure there were no clogs. I cleaned every piece that I could take off of the machine and vacuumed out the inside of the vacuum with our handheld vac (as funny as that sounds) on multiple occasions!

Best of luck with that motivation--C.B. stayed motivated for two full weeks ...