Sharing the Details

Last week, I shared some pretty big news with you.

To be honest, if you know Conservative Boy and I very well at all, it's not pretty big. It's huge. I mean HUGE.

It's news regarding something a lot of people close to us thought might never happen. Heck, I didn't think it was going to happen anytime soon, which is why I was so shocked when it did.

I am, of course, referring to our engagement.

As I mentioned in my last post, it happened last Wednesday morning.

I was out watering my plants in the rain, which honestly isn't as crazy as it seems. It's just that my plants under the eaves don't get any love from the rain, so even when it pours I have to go out and water them.

When I came in, Conservative Boy asked if I'd hold Butter down so he could put in his ear drops. Poor little Butter has ear problems pretty much all the time, and he's not a fan of his ear drops, so often it takes two of us.

So I tackled Butter to the ground and held him in place, oblivious to the fact Conservative Boy had hooked something on Butter's collar. Since I didn't see this shiny object, Conservative Boy had to point it out to me. "What's this?" he asked innocently.

The next part of this story makes my stomach jump. It's a bit of a blur honestly.

I was confused when I saw what he was pointing at—a diamond ring attached to Butter's collar.

(That's not Butter's collar, by the way. It's my hand. But you knew that, right?)

I mean, really confused. The thought it was for me never even crossed my mind, that's how unlikely the whole scenario was. Instead, I sat there looking at it for what was probably a split second but for what seemed like forever, and all I could think (fortunately not out loud, although everyone knows now) was: How the heck did Kid Sister's ring get on Butter's collar, and how is she not aware it's missing?

I realize that is incredibly illogical, yet somehow it made more sense than the fact it was for me.

By this point it was sort of sinking in. Conservative Boy was removing the ring from Butter's collar. I jumped up and he put it on my finger and the first words I actually said to him (remember, this was all in the span of a couple of seconds) were: "Oh my god, are you serious? Is this a joke?" and got a bit teary.

That's the stuff movies are made of, folks.

And then in all my confusion, I realized I hadn't actually said yes. So I said something to the effect of: "I guess I should say yes. So yes."

Again, the stuff movies are made of.

Then there was the usual hug and smooch that this stuff always involves. Conservative Boy had to head to work about 10 minutes later and sent two incredibly verbose 2-3 sentence emails alerting friends and family to the news.

I spent the day part giddy, part confused and got exactly zero homework or freelance work done. Because I am a woman and not nearly as succinct as Conservative Boy, I had my ear to my phone most of the day. That's more than I ever talk on the phone.

... And I didn't even realize until after Conservative Boy was at work that he managed to ask me to marry him without actually asking because I didn't give him a chance to speak. Oops!

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Sarah said...

I talked to Butter about it yesterday. He was really excited to be part of the proposal. He is still holding out to get invited to the wedding :)