A (Big) Birthday Surprise

You never know about birthdays. Sometimes they're swell. Sometimes they're not so swell, like when they fall on Tuesday and you have to work and teach all day and take a three-hour midterm exam in the evening (that happened last year).

Sometimes, however, they're beyond swell.

I am going to put this year's birthday, which happened on Wednesday, in the beyond swell category.

Wednesday seems like a rather lame day for a birthday (who wants to celebrate on hump day?). But when you don't have classes or much work to do and get to stay home in your PJs all day if you like, it's not too bad.

I thought I'd share with you some of the things that made my birthday so beyond swell.

Sleeping in until 7:20. (So lazy of me.)

Having time to water my plants (even though I am fully aware it was raining), send emails, and make myself a latte.

Making pumpkin birthday cupcakes (even though, admittedly, I prefer pies and cookies to cakes). By the way, I'll share more about these soon.

Great gifts, including but not limited to some clothing items, some terrific jewelry, an iTunes gift card, a Borders gift card, a wonderful CD, a springform pan (yes, I asked for one), a Toddy, and more Pyrex bowls with a new pattern (yay!).

A delicious dinner, complete with a wine flight, at Bella Milano in Springfield.

Beautiful happy birthday and congratulations flowers.

Wait a second. Did I just say congratulations?

Why yes, yes I did.

Why would I receive congratulations flowers on my birthday? I mean, I guess it would be OK to congratulate someone for being born.

But it would also be OK to congratulate someone for this.

Yes, folks. This is my hand this time. It is not a joke. (I thought it was a joke too, by the way.)

Conservative Boy proposed to me (with an assist from Butter) on Wednesday morning before he went to work. And after I realized it really was a serious proposal, I said yes.

I will share more details on that later, but I'll let the fact it happened sink in first.

And now you see what makes a birthday beyond swell.


Jason said...

How is it that you have no comments on this? I mean, you can write about Butter licking himself and get comments.

Anna said...

Ahhh!! Congratulations Julie!

Julie said...

Thanks, Ann!

Julie said...

Chops: Perhaps the lack of comments is because most people were informed in other ways besides the blog? Then again, maybe people just think Butter is way cooler than C.B. and I. It's very possible.