Quest Magazine

I'm incredibly excited to share a special magazine with you today. It's not a publication you can find in stores or that you can subscribe to. But it is hot of the presses, so to speak, and I'm going to show you where you can find it online.

The reason I'm encouraging you to take a look at it? Because it has consumed much of my time for the past couple of months. You see, I served as editor for the 2009 issue that just launched online today.

It's called Quest, and you can view the entire online version here (you'll be downloading a PDF, just to warn you).

It's loaded with profiles of people who are making a difference around the world—people who are working to help North Koreans escape oppression and build better lives in the United States, serving in the Peace Corps in remote African villages, fighting a global HIV/AIDS epidemic, assisting with research missions in Antarctica, and so much more.

The thing that makes all of these people unique is that they were named Coca-Cola Scholars prior to graduating from high school. It's a prestigious honor from the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, which awards generous college scholarships to students who demonstrate academic abilities and a dedication to service in their lives. Even after Scholars graduate, the Foundation works to stay connected with them—and this magazine is one way they do that.

I was chosen to be editor of the magazine this year not only because that's what I do when I'm not playing graduate student, but because I'm a Coca-Cola Scholar too. (One who is incredibly humbled by all the amazing things my fellow Scholars are doing around the world, by the way.)

This is the first issue of Quest that is edited by a Coke Scholar, plus for the first time ever all of the stories in this issue were written by Coke Scholars about Coke Scholars (some of those writers, by the way, are editors for magazines, The Washington Post, and more, so it's an impressive group).

But enough Quest horn-tooting. I just wanted to share with you the link in case you're curious about what I've been up to recently. Enjoy!


Jessica said...

How cool! You and your fellow Coke Scholars have so much to be proud of!! :)

Katie said...

It looks amazing, Julie. Congratulations!