Eggs Blinnadict

On Sunday morning, after I took My Mom to the airport (she flew into town for a day of dress shopping—a successful day, by the way), I curled up on the couch with some incredibly thrilling ecology reading about parasitism and mutualism.

Meanwhile, Conservative Boy headed to the kitchen for a new installment of EXTREME cooking with Conservative Boy.

On the menu: eggs benedict. Or, as he called them in his EXTREME cooking voice, "eggs blinnadict."

First, he whipped up a tasty hollandaise sauce from scratch. Meanwhile, he fried some bacon and eggs (in EXTREME cooking, you take liberties with traditional recipes). Once everything was ready and the english muffins popped up, he assembled our meal, with a few loud grunts and "bams" as is fitting for someone who's all about EXTREME cooking.

Who's impressed?

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