The Tour de Weddings

It's still summer, which means Conservative Boy and I are in the midst of our yearly tour de weddings. So far this year, we've been to one in Florida and two in Iowa, plus we missed one in Wyoming and a couple in Colorado. This weekend we're headed to Chicago for one, next weekend to St. Louis.

And then—giant sigh of relief—I think we're done until next May, although one can never be sure when a random wedding might materialize last-minute.

The weddings are always fun, and it's an honor to be included in the special day of so many people who mean so much to us. We've both gone to weddings, we've taken turns being in some of the weddings, and I even had the honor of writing a poem for one of them.

I think we've averaged at least five or six weddings every summer since we graduated college. Whew boy, that gets expensive. And exhausting.

Needless to say, we celebrate on, often alternating between my good friends and Conservative Boy's, with an occasional family wedding thrown in for good measure.

Speaking of which, next May is when a certain Kid Sister and T-Bear tie the knot. This, of course, will be quite an extravaganza.

Which reminds me, I think I forgot to share a little something Kid Sister brought by our house for me earlier this summer.

This is a cookie shaped like a bridesmaid dress. A pink bridesmaid dress, which is the color the bridesmaid dresses will be for Kid Sister and T-Bear's wedding. Attached to it, as you may have noticed, is a note. Inside the note it says this:

(I said yes. And am very excited.) Isn't that cute?

Conservative Boy was asked to be in the wedding as well, sans cookie. I believe he grunted a yes in reply. Now we'll see if he can stay in his sister's good graces until next May ... Any bets?


Jason said...

We need to look at the symbolism here more deeply. A cookie is eaten just once for a short time, so too is a bridesmaid dress worn once, and for a short time.

Still, at least you got a cookie out of the deal, which is a better deal than most bridesmaids.

I'm a genius.

Also, I've got you beat this season with 7 total (only one left, in October), with two on the calandar for next year.

Julie said...

I have to admit, I'd never considered the symbolism of the cookie. I suppose I was being shallow and just enjoying how cute it was!

And I do have a confession to make: I didn't even get to eat it. Well, I tried a bite, but I waited too long because I didn't want to ruin it and when I did take a bite it was stale. Oh well, I guess there's symbolism in that too, as that is the fate of most bridesmaid dresses after the wedding, right?

We have one next weekend then we're done but so far for next year there are three on the calendar. Do you think things are slowing down or will we get up to our average again next year?

Anonymous said...

So what you're saying is the cookie-dress needed a garment bag to keep it fresh. I will keep that in mind if my cookie delivery business ever takes off.

My average has been more like 3-4, but then I'm incredibly antisocial. My guess is that I will hit it, but given the friend landscape, I'm not sure who exactly is going to get married to be that third and fourth.

Kevin said...

I like your comment about the random weddings thrown in last minute.....funny that it ends up you being the one getting married! Congratulations! I'm very excited for you both. But mostly for C.B. for not messing up the proposal.

Julie said...

I forgot about the random comment I made. That is funny that ours ended up being the random one thrown in. And thanks for the congrats, Kevin. I don't think you're the only one relieved he didn't mess up the proposal!