A Quiz

I know, I know. I just posted a riddle a week or so ago, and now I'm making you take a quiz. I hope you don't mind, but I thought it might be a fun way for you to procrastinate today. I know writing it was a fun way for me to procrastinate.

Should you choose to take said quiz, leave your answers in the comments section at the end of the blog post, or if you get my posts each day by email feel free to hit reply and type them in. Then, in a day or two, I'll post the correct answers to the quiz here—and, if you're lucky, I'll even share some of the more entertaining responses your fellow readers sent.

Have fun!

1. Where did I go for a bachelorette party this summer?

2. Why do I visit random sites, like this one, around the central part of Illinois on a regular basis?

3. What footwear did I purchase in Montana last summer?

4. Who do I talk to more than anyone else in the whole world?

5. What kitchen-related item is my current obsession?

6. What is delivered to our door step in the middle of the night?

7. What gift did Conservative Boy recently receive, and what concerns me about this gift?

8. I have two gardens. Where are they located?

9. Who is getting married in May?

10. What do I post about most on this blog?

11. What do I want to be when I grow up?

12. I’ve introduced you to a character who’s part frog. Who is it?

13. What is my current cocktail of choice?

14. How did this fellow get his name?

15. At what cooking endeavor did I fail miserably—twice? And why did I fail?

16. I recently wrote about three lovely houses—where were they located?

17. Who is Butter’s arch nemesis?

18. Who are these crazy women and what are they doing?

19. What sport did I play at midnight one March?

20. Why have I been so busy lately?

21. How many weddings have we attended this year?

22. What activity do I regularly lament not being able to do more frequently?

23. And what activity did I do recently that I found strangely exhilarating?

24. Where were we when this photo was taken?

25. To what songs did Conservative Boy oh-so-romantically serenade me while we picnicked this summer?


Anonymous said...

2. write about them
3.golf shoes
5.retro glass containers
8.your house-C mom's
10 food
14C boy' nickname
15strawberry pie-bad cornstarch!
18mom aunt sis
21 5
22 cook
24 Cardinal
25 Sweetheart of Sigma Chi!

Sarah said...

I am going to win!
2. For Illinois Adventures
3. Cowboy boots!
4. Butter
5. Pyrex
6. Milk
7. ?? a gun?
8. your house my parents house
9. ME!!!
10. Food
11. an author of a book
12. CUBBIE!!!!
13. Lemon Drop
14. His father's high school nickname
15. Strawberry pie- bad cornstarch
16. Georgia!
17. mailman
18. sister, aunt, mom
19. broomball
20. school, work, school
21. 1 million
22. yoga
23. ?? raquetball
24. Wrigley!
25. Warren G

Bill said...

1. Las Vegas
2.Write articles for Illinois Adventures
3.Cowboy Boots
5.Retro Pyrex items
6.Bottled Milk
8.Pots out front and C-Mom's house
9.Kid Sister
11.College Professor
13.Lemon Drop Martini
14.C-boy's nickname
15.Strawberry pie-old corn starch
16.Lake Oconee area, Georgia
18.Julie, Lynda, Nicole and Ruthie getting photo taken in the corn field at C-parent's house
19.Broom ball
20.School;graduate assistant; writing;blogging; C-Boy and Butter
23.Ghost walk
24.Rooftop at Wrigley
25.Go Cubs Go and Sigma Chi Sweatheart

T-Bear said...

I heard several of these this weekend, but will inevitably get some wrong.

1. Vegas
2. You are on Adventures in Illinois
3. Cowboy boots
4. Butter
5. Pyrex
6. Milk
7. Cooler
8. your house - Conservative Parent's house
9. Kid Sis???
10. Grub
11. A lawyer's wife
12. Kid Sis's dog..Cubster
13. Lemon Drop
14. After his father
15. Strawberry Pie...cornstarch was bad
16. GA
17. Mailman
18. Your sis, aunt, mom, and you.
19. Broomball (thanks kid sis)
20. Life..blogs, IL Adventures, class, harvest (garden), weddings
21. 6
22. Yogi..Booboo
23. Milk Maid
24. HEAVEN...I mean Wrigley Field
25. Snoop Dogg (Gin and Juice) and Warren G (Regulators) Thanks C-Boy